This site was the brainchild of Silvia Poli Licini and Lorenzo Licini, the artist’s daughter-in-law and grandson.
Their aim was simply to contribute to knowledge of Licini and in doing so they wanted especially to let his work speak for itself. The works reproduced here are representative of many of the phases of Licini’s artistic activity.Naturally, it is not an exhaustive selection, not a catalogue. This collection of images should instead be viewed as one views an exhibition.

An exhibition that, thanks to the Internet, can now be something light and immaterial. And immateriality, for that matter, is a quality that seems quite in tune with Licini’s colours and brush strokes, so impervious to all forms of heaviness.The site is dedicated to the memory of Paolo Licini, the artist’s only son, who made a fundamental contribution to knowledge of his father’s work.